1 day mini Retreat

Find your Compass

We help disillusioned and burnt-out senior leaders turn their mid-career crisis into wisdom, so they can transition to a new career and lifestyle they love

This is for you if…

  • You are stuck or lost in one or several areas of life (in your career, health or in a relationship).
  • You need a life overhaul, and you don’t know where to start.
  • You are going through a transition, a new change or phase of life. You feel like everything is up in the air and you don’t know what to do next.
  • You have been pleasing others all your life and now you have had enough.
  • You are worried that you are running our of time and it might be too late to change.

I know what this feels like because I have been there too

It’s a tough place to be when you arrive to your mid-40s and realise how much you have given up by being there for others.

You have invested so much time and effort to get to where you are only to realise you don’t want this life anymore. You are exhausted and have been ignoring that nagging feeling that you would want to do something else for a long time.

And you might be wondering: Now what? What can I do with the skills I have? I am no good for anything else.

Fear not! You are absolutely not alone in feeling this way. Most people go thru some form of a mid-life or mid-career crisis. And it is possible to find a new direction. It’s not too late!

This workshop is a more cost-effective way to get clear about what you want and where you want to invest time and energy in. You will meet others who are also in the same shoes and who will also support you.


  • Imagine having a whole day where you can truly focus on yourself.
  • Imagine getting unstuck, having renewed energy and being clear about what you want to do next.
  • Imagine having fun and a great walk in the fresh air with like-minded people who are in similar shoes. 
  • Imagine walking in an inspiring location with nutritious food.

It might seem indulgent at first, but you totally deserve this alone time. Our 1-day mini retreats have kick-started many other conversations and decisions what has led to lots of changes in people’s lives.

what my clients have achieved:

  • Changed their career direction completely and took a pay cut to do a job they used to love.
  • Broke up relationships that were not helpful but could not do until now.
  • Decided to not take a job that was offered.
  • Decided to stay in the current role and not to change company.
  • Went back to study what they have always wanted
  • Applied for that job they have been putting off for a long time

What our clients say

“Timea helped me work through some things I have been struggling with for years and I really owe her a lot. She was kind and empathetic when needed but also pushed me to challenge myself and be honest with myself. She has helped steer my thoughts and helped me create a plan for the future. I would whole heartedly recommend Timea.”

- Melissa, Senior Leader, Financial services

“2022 was a year of many challenges in the food industry. I was lucky to have Timea as a coach during this time which allowed me to adapt and make changes at pace as well as retaining a focus on my personal development."

- Declan Stack, VP and GM Central Europe, Kerry Group

"Thanks to Timea’s coaching, my toolbox for dealing with life and the many challenges at work are with me for life. For this I am forever grateful."

- Spencer Martin, Business Manager, Medical Devices

"I spent some time working with Timea as I transitioned between jobs and she was really great. She supported me when I had moments of self doubt and really helped me gain clarity and perspective.  I highly recommend working with Timea and really look forward to working with her in the future."

- Nicola Clark, Senior L&D Manager, Retail

"Timea coached me for 12 months, and the shift in my mindset during that time was astonishing. Within 2 sessions, what I thought were my personal goals had been torn up, I formed a new vison and began to picture how I could achieve it! My sessions with Timea provided tangible value, helping me to build a robust plan for my future. I would highly recommend Timea as a coach, she will change your life!" 

- Daniel May, Head of Global Operations, Management Consulting

"As a coach, partner, cheer leader Timea encompasses everything I needed from a coach. The goals we had at the beginning were not met but we surpassed all of them. She’s an incredible coach and more importantly a generous and kind human being. If you are lucky enough to be accepted as a client you will not be disappointed."

- Andrew Adabie, Senior Business Manager, Medical Devices

"Wow! You are so so so skilled, Timea! You always take me to unexpected places to find answers!"

- Teresa, Independent Consultant

"I am so much calmer and happier at work since we've started coaching!"

- John, Senior Manager, Financial Services

“I just resigned from my job in finance after 25 years! I really owe you a lot – so thank you for helping me through this change. I couldn’t have done this without you.”

- Catherine, Senior Manager, Financial Services

What does the day look like? 

Practical Information:

  • We aim to run these 1-day retreats once a quarter. Upcoming dates and locations will be added below.
  • In the meantime, please register your interest and you’ll be the first to know.
  • Cost: £350 per person
What is the pre-work?
  • Reflection and pre-read: there will be some pre-work to be completed prior to arrival that requires you to read and reflect about your life & career to date. (~2 hrs)
  • Have the right gear: we will be walking on footpaths, which are often muddy, so make sure you have the right footwear and waterproofs.
Group size & facilitators:

We believe in small group learning, so our workshops will have min. 5 and max 12 participants to ensure personal attention and focus.

Therefore there will be 2-4 facilitators / coaches who are trusted partners and have been hand-picked for their experience in coaching leaders around their life & career direction.

A rough agenda:

The agenda is subject to change based on the level of the group.

9.00 – 9.30: Arrival

Coffee, tea & snacks.

9.30 – 10.00: Welcome

Intro and get to know each other.
Confidentiality and how we will work together.

10.00 – 12.00: Explore your compass (Learn & Reflect)

To be decided based on participants needs and priorities.

We typically include:

  • How are you really?
  • Your big question for today
  • What’s important to you now (vs in the past)? Why? What has changed?
  • The neuroscience of emotions, decisions, learning and flow
  • Mindful walking, breathing, listening to intuition and exploring mindset
  • Getting ready to craft your new path

12.00 – 13.00: Lunch & route briefing

Buffet style lunch with vegan and gluten free choices. Other dietary requests are also catered for.
Route briefing, rules and safety.
Gear check.

13.00 – 16.00: Refine your compass (3 hrs walking & coaching)

1 hr 1:1 coaching session with a coach
2 hrs walk and group conversations

16.00 – 17.00: Cake, debrief & close

A well-deserved cake and coffee & tea on arrival
Group debrief, learnings, takeaways
Follow-up activities & suggestions

17.00: Departure

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