Team Coaching & Development

Find flow in your teams

We help teams build trust and healthy relationships, so they can achieve high performance & collaborate better

This is for you if…

  • You have teams with low trust, displaying unhelpful (or even toxic) behaviours. 
  • You see lots of silos and lack of communication among team members or functions.
  • There is competition and blaming in a team and their performance is rapidly deteriorating.
  • You cannot quite pinpoint what’s going on as you heard different stories from different people, but you want to help.
  • You may be a coach yourself, but you cannot coach teams due to conflict of interest. You want to remain impartial.
  • You feel that you don’t have the right skills or experience to support teams to overcome their challenges.
  • You would like to build a network on trusted and experienced team coaches who you can rely on when needed.

I know what this feels like

Having worked in the HR function in senior talent and OD roles for over 23+ years, I know how it feels.

For a long time, I didn’t have the right skills and network to get help when there were challenges in a team. Or I could not talk about most things with people due to the sensitive nature of issues or confidentiality clauses.

And even when I had the skills, I was still not the right person to do team interventions because I was too close to the leaders (who may have been part of the problem). I often felt isolated with a heavy burden I could not put down.

You don’t have to feel in this way. Let me be part of your trusted network of coaches / facilitators to support you with these types of challenges.


  • Having leaders and teams in your organisation working well together.
  • Having transparent communication and trust among team members and their leaders.
  • Your teams being able to figure out their own issues and learning from these by themselves. 
  • Having a network of facilitators and coaches with broad variety of skills and expertise you can always rely on to support you and your teams.
  • Having someone at the end of the phone whit whom you can have confidential conversations.

What I can help you with:

  • Be your confidential thinking partner you can bounce ideas around with.
  • Select or build a trusted network of coaches and facilitators who you can rely on for team interventions.
  • Design and deliver one off team events to address specific team needs.
  • Coach teams to achieve high performance and embed self-coaching skills in your organisation.
  • Design and deliver coaching skills training programs to your leaders.

    What our clients say

    “I think that good team coaching blends coaching, teaching, mediation, facilitation and positive psychology and Timea has provided all of these facets with consumate ease during my time with her. Discussions have always been thought provoking and I've come away with actions that have helped the effectiveness of my leadership and strengthen the relationships between myself and the other members of my team. For any individuals looking for team coaching, I highly recommend seeking Timea's services."

    - Martyn Thomas, Clinical Innovation Lead for UK and ROI at Specsavers

    how you can work with me:

    Private sector:

    • Team development days start from £4500*.
    • Team coaching packages start from £4800*.

      *Tailored package and pricing will be provided in each case.

      Public and non-profit sectors:

      Please contact me with your specific needs to discuss.