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What's important to you now?

When a #significant #emotional event happens, your #beliefs (things you believe to be true) and your #values (the things that are important to you) change. What was #important is no longer a #priority. What you have taken for granted becomes the most important thing you think about. You might want completely different things now. You might feel regret or guilt. You might be confused. You might question if your life choices still make sense (career, partner, family). You might want to do things differently moving forward. And this is all completely normal!

This #pandemic has had an impact on all of us in various ways. We all lived through it together, everywhere in the world. It has become one of the single most unifying events in humankind and it has left a mark on all of us.

So, what's important to you now? What's no longer relevant? What do you believe to be true now? And how have your values changed?

To explore your values further, try this free Personal Values Assessment and see for yourself. If you want to go deeper and would like some help with exploring the "what now", let me know. Enjoy!

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