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What change will be permanent?

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

To start preparing for the time when the lock-down is over, I’d like to suggest reviewing your activities, projects and ways of working with these 3 buckets in mind:

  • What will stay the same? What do you want to keep the same?

  • What has changed only temporarily? What will go back to normal?

  • What will change permanently? What do you want to keep permanently?

Once you are clear (or at least clearer) about the content of your 3 buckets, think about the permanent changes and start preparing for these already now:

  • What do you know already?

  • How can you start preparing now?

  • What can you do to get ready for a permanent transition?

  • Who needs to be involved or communicated to?

Great leaders have good data, foresight and intuition. Use all these to be able to estimate, prepare and get yourself and your teams ready for leading the next step in this change.

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