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"The best seminar is human existence..."

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

...the question is are you enrolled? How would you name this #seminar this week? Next week? This year?

I was going thought some of my old coaching training notes and found this quote from a Tim Gallwey keynote video from 1999. I love his #metaphor: your life = the biggest seminar! A great (re)frame for your life..

So, what are you #learning today? And tomorrow? And this year? What is there still to learn? What are you not paying attention to?

The thing is, life is there to teach you the #lessons you need to learn, whether or not you like it or want it. And the more you ignore these learning #opportunities (aka slaps in your face), the more painful they get. So, what was the last time to stopped to ask: "What should I learn from this experience?"

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