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It's OK to be disloyal to learn again

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

During the 1st week of my MSc we talked about people and events that have shaped us to become who we are today. A sentence has stuck with me from one of the facilitators during the debrief: to learn something new you need to be disloyal to what you knew / had / did before.

Gosh! Yes, this hadn't occurred to me before. And it is so true! Loyalty is a loaded word and is a very strong value I hold dear. And yet, now I am wondering about how much growth and new insights I had not allowed myself just because I was too loyal to my previous learning, my certifications, my knowledge, my expertise & experiences I built up over the years...

What if I allowed myself to be disloyal to what I know, so I can grow much faster and differently? Where do I want to be disloyal? And where should I be? What are the areas I don't see yet and I need to be disloyal to?

I am exploring. Would you like to join me? Where do you want to be disloyal to learn again?

#ThoughtOfTheWeek #MSc #Reflections

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