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If you were in your colleague's shoes, what would it be like?

This #question helps to see things from different perspectives (aka meta positions), and creates empathy thus opens your mind to different options and worldviews. You can replace <your colleague> with other significant people in your life e.g. mother, spouse, child, team or manager. Adding objects creates #creativity, lightness and fun e.g. your chair, your mouse or your underwear. Or you can also explore abstract words like #love, #compassion or #empathy.

Ask your client to move to a different place/chair, so there is also a physical shift in #perspectives. Explore the new place with all senses, so they are able to really go into it and associate with “being" there:

  • What am I feeling? or How am I feeling?

  • What am I hearing / seeing / smelling / sensing?

  • What am I thinking?

  • What do I want?

Usually major “Aha” moments happen when someone is able to shift their #perspectives. Get prepared for tears and lots of tissues.

When to use

  • When someone is stuck and not able to see someone else's point of view

  • When a client blames others

  • When developing emotional & social intelligence, expanding #self #awareness and greater empathy is needed

  • When you want to explore #unconscious #bias

#CoachingQuestionOfTheWeek #coaching

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