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How are you with NOT knowing?

Most organisations and people struggle with #uncertainty at the best of times. During this pandemic things are even more heightened and can create more #stress and #anxiety for most. How are you with uncertainty? How are you with NOT knowing?

Some people really struggle with #uncertainty, some absolutely love and thrive in these times. If you struggle these days, here are some remedies from Lominger:

  • Incrementalism: make small decisions, get immediate feedback, course correct, get more data and make small forward movements until you solve the problem.

  • Use your intuition when you don't have enough data available.

  • Challenge yourself to learn new things and be open to experiences. When you are stuck in your old ways of doing things, change will be hard for you.

  • Get organised. If you are usually disorganised this might help to get back some control in your life.

  • Visualise the problem. This often helps and speeds up the resolution by making connections visible compared to when you only talk about them.

  • Manage your stress. Find your way to deal with stress, so you can get back into the saddle quickly.

  • Don't finish things. Allow yourself to NOT complete things to 100% and feel good about 80%. It's good enough!

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