Clean up your language

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Many years ago during my #NLP #practitioner #training I learnt a couple of #language tips that have proved to be invaluable as coach over the years. I thought I'd share a couple of them, so you can use them in your own self-reflection or with your clients.

Avoid using the word "try" and say what you will "do" instead. When you say "I will try to be on time" you give yourself the permission to not be on time and thus not take #responsibility for your actions. Say "I will be on time" or "I will be be 15 min late" instead and own it. Notice when your client says "try", it probably means they are not committed to that action.

Avoid using negation - "not" or "don't" in your language. Say and focus on what you want to do / will do instead. Our #unconscious #mind cannot process negatives directly, so it will do what you say you don't want. E.g. Don't think of a blue tree. You just thought of a blue tree, didn't you? When you say "Don't forget...!", you just told yourself to forget, so use "Remember..." instead. Always focus on the positive, what you want instead.

A great little tip, especially