Organisation Development & Culture consulting

Find flow in your organisation

We help Talent and OD leaders expand their capacity and perspectives, so you they can partner with their clients without worrying about resources

This is for you if…

  • You are a high performing and trusted Talent/OD partner, but you don’t have enough resources to do everything on your plate. 
  • You are asked to do strategic and operational things at the same time, and you don’t have enough time to do both well. 
  • You work long hours; you are overstretched and barely have time to take breaks.  
  • You want to build a trusted network of suppliers or faculty you can rely on to help deliver your strategy. 

    I know what this feels like all too well

    I have been there many times during my 23+ years of corporate career. As a Talent and OD leader I really appreciated when I found trusted partners I could rely on and pick up the phone to bounce ideas around.  

    You don’t need to feel alone. I am happy to explore your needs and what we can do to support you. 


    • Having trusted partners you can always count on to deliver what your organisation needs. 
    • Not feeling alone and being able to pick-up the phone to bounce ideas around with someone you trust. 
    • Having a faculty of coaches and facilitators who can act as your extended team. 
    • The flexibility of having experienced resources that you don’t need to manage and worry about. 

    The kinds of things I can help you with: 

    • Be part of your extended ‘team’.
    • Partner with you and take work off your hands by working directly with your business leaders from beginning to end.
    • Help you research and source the best solutions for your organisational challenges.
    • Design and facilitate programs for you that you can re-use.
    • Jump in to help when you are short-staffed.
    • Provide organisational insights, themes and recommendations based on the work we do in your organisation.

    What our clients say

    “I think that good team coaching blends coaching, teaching, mediation, facilitation and positive psychology and Timea has provided all of these facets with consumate ease during my time with her. Discussions have always been thought provoking and I've come away with actions that have helped the effectiveness of my leadership and strengthen the relationships between myself and the other members of my team. For any individuals looking for team coaching, I highly recommend seeking Timea's services."

    - Martyn Thomas, Clinical Innovation Lead for UK and ROI at Specsavers

    how you can work with me:

    Private sector:

    Desk-based consulting and workshop design: £1500/day

    In-person and online delivery: £3000/day

    Public and non-profit sector:

    Contact me to discuss your needs.