1 day mini Stress management Retreat

Find your balance

Get unplugged & let that sh*t go

For overwhelmed leaders who want to reduce stress and
find more balance in their lives.

1st June 2024


This mini-retreat is a cost-effective way to understand your stress better, learn simple techniques you can use every day and give yourself a guilt-free mini-recharge.

But hey, we think the road to conquering stress shouldn’t feel like yet another boring corporate workshop. We’ll lighten the load with humour and a touch of irreverence.

“Get ready to inhale serenity and exhale all the bullsh*t.”

You will learn the neural basics of stress and how to manage it every day and it’s a day to relax and recharge your batteries while learning. You will go away with rejuvenated energy and insights to implement immediately.

We want to make sure you get the most out of this retreat, so if you’re interested, please get in touch! If you have any questions or are unsure if this is right for you, please feel free to book in for a quick chat with one of us!

During this retreat You will:

  • Evaluate what causes you most stress in your life out of the 4 areas of wellbeing (body, mind, relationships, money*)
  • Learn about the neuroscience of emotions, fear, stress, attention and human connection.
  • Learn simple and practical techniques to manage stress.
  • Put your phone into a ‘spa hotel’ for the day to ‘recharge’, so you will get the chance to experience a day of digital detox and its impact on your wellbeing.
  • Try various mindfulness, breathing and yoga techniques to relax your body and mind.
  • Try nutritious food and mindful eating. We have purposefully selected food that’s good for your brain and body too.
  • Do a mindful walk. We have chosen a purpose-built venue that supports mental health and wellbeing with a wonderful garden.

*We will look at 3 areas of wellbeing deeper (body, mind, relationships); and 1 (money) we will only touch on. We will have another day for this later in the year.

Our vision:

Our vision for this retreat is for you to go away with two WOW’s:

‘WOW’ for your body:
You will say ‘Wow! I can breathe, this was so good’ and walk away with rejuvenated energy.

‘WOW’ for your mind:
‘Wow! I have so many tools I can use straight away’.

This is for you if…

  • You feel stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed by all your work and life commitments most of the time.
  • You used to be able to handle high workload, but it seems that you no longer have the same capacity.
  • You are starting to feel the negative impact of stress on your body: gaining or losing weight, not sleeping well, can’t focus, forgetting words etc.
  • You can’t manage your emotions and get snappy with people and/or you feel anxious all the time.
  • You tried different stress management techniques, but stopped using them.
  • You now want to do something about this as you can’t carry on like this any more.
  • You are so overwhelmed, that you don’t even know where to start..

We know what it feels like because we have been there too

It’s tough when you arrive at this point and realise how much you have taken on and given to others. Now you are running on empty and there is not much left to give.

You have invested so much time and effort to get to where you are only to realise you can’t sustain this lifestyle anymore. You are exhausted and have been ignoring that nagging feeling that you need to do something before it gets too late. You feel that you need to be there for people and feel guilty when you are not answering that email immediately even if it’s at 11pm.

We’ve walked the same path of stress and burnout in our careers many times and we know what it feels like when it seems there is no way out.

You’re absolutely not alone in feeling this way. Most people we work with have similar thoughts and feelings and it is possible to change things around. It’s not too late!

The good news is that through our own journeys, we’ve gained invaluable insights and tools to navigate all of this, and we cannot wait to share them with you.


  • Having energy for the weekend and enjoy balance to do your work just like you have before.
  • Being able to take proper breaks and not feel guilty about them.
  • Having a whole day where you can truly focus on yourself and replenish your batteries.
  • Knowing exactly what causes you stress and learning what to do in order to recover well.
  • Having great and supportive relationships again.

what our clients have achieved:

  • Turned off their notifications, so they can focus their attention when they choose to.
  • Started having walks in the evenings.
  • Stopped using electronic devices before bedtime.
  • Use breathing techniques before stressful presentations.
  • Take regular breaks and eat mindfully.
  • Sleep through then night.

And those who opted in to use a Firstbeat device too:

  • Changed their daily exercise routine to the morning, so they can sleep better at night
  • Stopped overexercising and found a better way to get fitter
  • Started having breaks and naps when working at home.

What our clients say

“I gained valuable insights into understanding myself, identifying my desires, and granting myself the freedom to pursue a fulfilling career path. To me this guidance was transformative, fostering self-awareness and empowering me to make choices aligned with my authentic aspirations.”

– Ivana A.

“I can sleep through the whole night for the first time in a long while!!”

– Inês V.

“With only a couple of small changes to my evening and bedtime routine, I can now sleep so much better. Thanks for the insights.”

“I thought doing exercise helped when I had a stressful day but now I know that I was overdoing it and what I needed is more rest and downtime.”

“Wow! I have not realised the impact of a glass of wine on my sleep. I am not going to drink for a better sleep ever again. Thanks for clarifying this myth.”

What will the day look like? 

Practical Information:

  • Date: 1st June 2024
  • Location: Terapia, The Bothy, 17A East End Road,
    London N3 3QE (9 min walk from Finchley Central tube)
  • Cost: £385 (or get in touch if money isn’t flowing right now to discuss discounts, payment plans and alternative exchanges). If you bring a friend, you both get £100 discount. We have 1 free seat available for someone who recently been made redundant. 
  • Pre-work: reflection and pre-read exercises will take ~1 hour of preparation.
  • Dress code: dress comfortably for both indoor and outdoor activities e.g. leggings / yoga pants, trainers.
  • Group size & facilitators: only 12 participants to enable personalised attention; facilitated by experienced coaches specialising in leadership, coaching, mindfulness and stress management.
  • Add on: optional Firstbeat Life retreat starter package with coaching to deepen learning & monitor your progress: £350.
  • Accessibility, dietary needs and special requests: the venue is fully accessible and can cater for all dietary requirements. Just let us know what you need.
  • Registration: please get in touch to register.
Rough agenda:

9.30 – 10.00: Arrival

Arrival and introduction to digital detox

10.00 – 10.15: Welcome

Welcome and introductions

10.15 – 13.00: Part 1

Body: mindfulness of the body; breathing exercises; sitting yoga.

Mind: neuroscience of fear, anxiety and stress; labelling emotions; stress level and SCARF assessment.

Relationships: active listening; peer coaching; gratitude practice.

13.00 – 13.45: Lunch

Nutritious gluten & dairy free lunch will be provided. Let us know if you have any other dietary needs.

13.45 – 17.00: Part 2

Body: mindful walking; yoga in pairs; mindful eating; final mindfulness and yoga practice

Mind: stress curve; the neuroscience of attention & digital detox; BMR framework; stress level self-assessment

Relationships: active listening; peer coaching; gratitude practice.

17.00: Close

stress management retreat

Your hosts

Timea Kristof

Founder of Gekko ConsultingTímea is an intuitive, relational and systemic Executive Coach and Organisation Development Consultant.

Her purpose is to help her clients find flow in their career, mind, body; and in the teams, organisations and the systems they work and live in.

She is an adjunct faculty member of Hult Ashridge Executive Education and Founding Member of the NeuroMindfulness Institute.

Book time with Timea to find out more.

Maria Chietera

Maria is a freelance Organisational Coach and Mindfulness Teacher based in London. Her passion lies in providing holistic support to individuals and teams on their journey toward self-awareness while enabling self-sustainable change.

She co-founded ‘The Mindful Facilitator,’ a learning journey to empower coaches and leaders with mindfulness tools, and is a faculty member at ‘Coaching Outside The Box’ coaching school.

Connect with Maria on LinkedIn.

Book time with Maria to find out more.

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