FirstBeat Life™ health coaching

Balance your heart

We help overstressed leaders understand how their bodies respond to stress, so they can make healthier choices & sleep better

This is for you if…

  • You are constantly overworked and have no downtime during the day, let alone time for yourself.
  • You want to manage stress better but not sure where to start.
  • You don’t sleep well and / or wake up at night and cannot fall asleep again. You are almost always exhausted in the mornings.
  • You don’t have time for exercise, but you know you should do something.
  • You are starting to see physical symptoms of too much stress perhaps being ill often, losing or putting on weight, forgetfulness or inflammation in your body.

I know what this feels like because I have been there too

One of the signs of being overstressed, for me, was forgetting words mid-sentence and losing weight. I could not eat and digest food, developed several food intolerances and I thought I had early stages of Alzheimer’s.

It was a scary time, but being a bit of nerd, having useful data about my wellbeing has given me the kick in my backside I needed to change things around.

You can do this too and you don’t need to be a nerd. With the help of a small device that monitors your heartbeat you can see very quickly what works and what doesn’t work your body.


  • Identifying exactly what causes stress and discovering if you have enough moments of recovery during the days.
  • Knowing what factors affect your sleep and learning how to enhance its restorative effect.
  • Discovering about the impact of physical activity and learning to exercise according to your fitness level.

We work with you to investigate your biggest stressors, enhance your sleep quality, and improve your exercise regime. Then we help come up with a plan to change things around, so you can regain balance and manage everyday stress better.

How it works:

  • You will get a pro-grade heartrate variability (HRV) measurement device and an initial 3-months subscription for the Firstbeat Life app where you can monitor your results.
  • We will explain how to use the device and the app, followed by an initial measurement lasting 3-days to get an idea of your current state.
  • A personalised coaching session follows to help you understand the results, discuss how your body reacts to daily life and what actions to want take to keep up a healthy lifestyle and perform at your best.
  • After this session you can re-measure as many times and as often as you wish during your subscription period.
  • And finally you will have your follow-up coaching sessions to evaluate and monitor your progress until you are self-sufficient or have achieved your desired results.

what my clients have achieved:

  • Changed their bedtime routine to support a better sleep pattern to aid their recovery from everyday stress.
  • Changed the time, duration and intensity of their exercise routine to make it more effective and less strenuous on their body.
  • Stopped drinking caffeinated drinks after 1 pm and switched to drinking more water instead.
  • Replaced their usual dinner with lighter meals which changed the effectiveness of their recovery during sleep.
  • Started having more regular walks with their dog. 
  • Introduced more breaks during the day and started having a lunch break.

What our clients say

“Timea helped me work through some things I have been struggling with for years and I really owe her a lot. She was kind and empathetic when needed but also pushed me to challenge myself and be honest with myself. She has helped steer my thoughts and helped me create a plan for the future. I would whole heartedly recommend Timea.”

- Melissa, Senior Leader, Financial services

“2022 was a year of many challenges in the food industry. I was lucky to have Timea as a coach during this time which allowed me to adapt and make changes at pace as well as retaining a focus on my personal development."

- Declan Stack, VP and GM Central Europe, Kerry Group

"Thanks to Timea’s coaching, my toolbox for dealing with life and the many challenges at work are with me for life. For this I am forever grateful."

- Spencer Martin, Business Manager, Medical Devices

"I spent some time working with Timea as I transitioned between jobs and she was really great. She supported me when I had moments of self doubt and really helped me gain clarity and perspective.  I highly recommend working with Timea and really look forward to working with her in the future."

- Nicola Clark, Senior L&D Manager, Retail

"Timea coached me for 12 months, and the shift in my mindset during that time was astonishing. Within 2 sessions, what I thought were my personal goals had been torn up, I formed a new vison and began to picture how I could achieve it! My sessions with Timea provided tangible value, helping me to build a robust plan for my future. I would highly recommend Timea as a coach, she will change your life!" 

- Daniel May, Head of Global Operations, Management Consulting

"As a coach, partner, cheer leader Timea encompasses everything I needed from a coach. The goals we had at the beginning were not met but we surpassed all of them. She’s an incredible coach and more importantly a generous and kind human being. If you are lucky enough to be accepted as a client you will not be disappointed."

- Andrew Adabie, Senior Business Manager, Medical Devices

"Wow! You are so so so skilled, Timea! You always take me to unexpected places to find answers!"

- Teresa, Independent Consultant

"I am so much calmer and happier at work since we've started coaching!"

- John, Senior Manager, Financial Services

“I just resigned from my job in finance after 25 years! I really owe you a lot – so thank you for helping me through this change. I couldn’t have done this without you.”

- Catherine, Senior Manager, Financial Services

how you can work with me:

Individual coaching packages:

Please toggle between the different coaching packages below.

    “Calm Your Heart” - 3 months coaching & subscription

    Learn what your body responds to stress & exercise; and how to recover well from the everyday stressors.

    What’s included: 1 setup call, 1 device, 3 months subscription and 3 coaching sessions, unlimited measurements, unlimited email / WhatsApp support.

    Cost: £1000

    “Keep the Rhythm” – Top-up coaching

    When you need a top up coaching session to make sense of your latest results or get back on track.

    What’s included: reviewing your last month results and 1 follow-up coaching call.

    Cost: £200

    “Maintain the Balance” – Subscription only

    Continue to evolve and monitor your stress and wellbeing with subscription only packages.

    1 month: £11
    3 months: £33
    6 months: £66
    12 months: £132

    “Find your balance mini retreat starter package” - special offer for retreat participants

    0.5 hr coaching & 3 months subscription

    Apply what you have learnt during the mini retreat and monitor your stress & recovery using Firstbeat Life.

    What’s included: 1 kick-off call with the retreat group, 1 device, 3 months subscription, 0.5 hr coaching session, unlimited measurements, unlimited email / WhatsApp support.

    Cost: £350

    Corporate coaching packages:

    Start from £2750. Tailored proposal will be provided for clients based on their specific needs.