Stress & Wellbeing Support

Find flow in your
body & mind

We help you find flow in your body & mind, through various wellbeing & health coaching services

We only work with our clients in a holistic way

This means that we don’t separate work life from your personal life. And we don’t separate your mind from your body.

And since you cannot actually separate your body and your mind, it’s really important to take care of both.

We offer various services to support your wellbeing in addition to our 1:1 and team coaching.

1 day Mini stress management retreat –
Find Your Balance

A 1 day mini retreat for overwhelmed leaders who want to reduce stress and find more balance in their lives.

This mini-retreat is a cost-effective way to understand your stress better, learn simple techniques you can use every day and give yourself a guilt-free mini-recharge.

Recover from stress
with Firstbeat life™​

With the help of a Firstbeat Life heartrate monitor, we help overstressed leaders understand how their bodies respond to stress, how well they sleep and how effective their diet and exercise regime are, so they can make healthier choices and recover from stress better.

Walking coaching

Walking coaching in nature offers a healthy alternative to coaching using Zoom or MS Teams.

It helps you pause and calm your nervous system by walking and talking in nature while you find solutions to challenges in your life.

1 day Mini walking coaching retreat –
Find Your Compass

A 1 day mini retreat to help confused or stuck mid-life women find a new direction in their life/career supported by others in a group.

Our mini retreats are a more cost-effective way to work on your challenges with the support of a coach, while walking in nature.