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Our values

"Eat your own dog food first"

Our authenticity, credibility and wisdom comes from having first tried and tested what we preach. We have been there, done it, tried it and failed (many times) and succeeded in the end. We want to role model what we share with you, so you learn from our mistakes. Our organisation development and coaching solutions are always to the point, practical and experiential.

Mutuality & collaboration

We have an abundance mindset and believe that we need to work together with others to achieve our objectives better and with greater impact, We collaborate with trusted partners in a way that uses our strengths and support each others development. Mutuality also means we support each other in making an honest living from the work we do. 

Continuous learning

We love learning, development and coaching. We have a curious, growth mindset. We believe that this is essential for our overall well-being and for the work we do. We aim to inspire others to learn and grow at every interaction we have, which might be challenging at times but it always have our best intentions for you.

Self-care and fun

We enjoy what we do and we allow time and space to grow, to have fun and to take care of ourselves. We hold ourselves accountable and help you do the same. 

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